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Fringe of the Cro | Leopard for Fall
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Since starting a professional job, my constant quest is finding ways of incorporating my style into the business realm. Grab your basic casual pieces you can't let go with, and pair with ONE business piece. Here I chose the an Asos Pencil Skirt in Mono Abstract. The length is modest but doesn't sacrifice the voice of the outfit at all. There is nothing greater than an edgy woman in power. (Insert Kate Lanphear moment.)

Monday Muse | Tres Monikh


[Monday Muse is one of Fringe of the Cro's new feature theme. The muse I would like to share with you all is Monikh from Tres Monikh. Found this gem via Topshop's Personal Styling section and have been stalking ever since.]


So with the sudden change of weather its given me the excuse to bring out the layers and I'm so happy! I'm a complete winter dresser, layering different textures, lots of leather and of course lots of black. 

This is something that I wore to work this week (I'm a Personal Shopper at Topshop - London). After what seemed like a year long search for the perfect knee high boots I've finally found them! This was the second day of wearing them and they are so comfortable! The perfect high but not ridiculous heel, the leather is thick and they fit tightish to the leg (will be great that I can still wear jeans tucked in or super thick socks in the Winter) I will probably be wearing these almost everyday now! 

I'm the happiest and feel at my best when I'm in oversized clothing, but with my size I know I have to be careful, I love playing with length's and know that I need to keep things short with this style, especially because of the boots! The jumper's from Zara, super oversized but still streamline at the back, its Italian yarn (so soft) and also comes in khaki which I will be purchasing very soon! I wore this jumper recently on a night out in Paris with my navy silk skirt and black mules and felt extremely simple and chic.  

Underneath is the Topshop Boutique camo silk dress, (its below knee length so I've belted it to shorten.)
I wear a lot of black and white and find that khaki is a great way for me to brake it up. This outfit also has a great mixture of materials which is something else that I am big on because I am such a minimal dresser. 

The Monochrome Wardrobe


Fringe of the Cro | Monochromatic Wardrobe plus Janessa Leone
Fringe of the Cro | Dombo cup in a modern kitchen
Fringe of the Cro | Minimalalistic wardrobe pieces
Fringe of the Cro | Janessa Leone Gloria Hat
White Collared Shirt
Textured White and Black Skirt
H&M White Blazer

Monochromatic wardrobes are in everyone's rotation, let's be real. Fiddling with the textures and fabric variance is what makes a monochromatic interesting, though. One of my favorite neutral stack consists of the ordinary ugly crayons: white, brown, and black. When all three arrive on the same silhouette, you create the most minimal version of a safari based mission. The Gloria Hat by Janessa Leone hits that element spot on, so just find your widest of brims and march.

Feminizing the Men's Work Shirt


Fringe of the Cro | Androgynous Style
Fringe of the Cro | Masculine Style With Feminine Henna Touches
Fringe of the Cro | Combining Masculine and Feminine Pieces
Fringe of the Cro | Barbara Bui Laser Cut Booties for a black outfit
Fringe of the Cro | Women's Take on Men's Shirts

River Island Leather Midi Skirt 

Work outfits made your own. I decided to take masculinity to a more concrete experience, and threw on a men's stripe collared shirt. Maybe the only blue in my wardrobe, but I enjoyed something new. And what a great excuse to finally wear my Barbara Bui Laser Booties I got while in Orange County. I initially heard of Barbara Bui from  Rumi Neely's constant raving, so I had to indulge when I saw the 60% off, right? The more androgyny the better. 

Monday Mom Moment | Isabel from MamaJulesJeanne

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 4.48.50 PM

Hello, Isabel! I'm so excited to have you as our first ever "Monday Mom Moment." You are such an inspiration to me & I couldn't wait to share you with my readers.( I met Isabel through Instagram and both contributing to Babiekins Magazine.) Just in case they aren't familiar with you from Babiekins or your personal blog, Mama Jules Jeanne, tell us a bit about yourself & your family.

- Hi, for those who don’t know me yet, I am Isabel, a 29 year old from Belgium. I married my husband (whom I met when I was 17) almost 4 years ago and we have two brilliant (of course) children. Our boy Jules, is 3.5 years old and our little babygirl turns 1 in one week (I am still in denial, she will always be my baby).
When I am not being a mama or a wife or a blogger, I teach. My students keep me young and it kinda freaks me out at the same time, because I can see what my kids will be like when they become teenagers (horror, I tell you).
As much as I love my man and kids I need to break away from time to time and act silly with my friends. I know I have said this before but they keep me sane.

Where exactly are you guys located? I am infatuated with Europeans. 

-We live in a town about 15 min from Brussels, our capital. Belgium is really small and I love the idea that I can jump in my car and be in Paris in 3hours, or in Amsterdam in 2hours. You can cross Belgium in 3hours by car, so when I say it is a small country, I really mean small. BUT even though it is not that big, we do have the best fashion designers, chocolate, fries (I still don’t get why they call it French fries, when ours are the real thing) and waffles.

Your interior and personal style all seems so effortless. Tell us about your styling process.

-I always loved simple things. I never was the girly girl type. When I wear a dress I have to spice it up with something less girly, like a leather biker jacket or boots. I didn’t even wear make up until I was 18 and I still am struggling with eyeliner and stuff like that.
Our interior, well that is something else. We bought my parent’s house when they moved into an apartment at the seaside. We always said we wanted to buy the house I grew up in (I mean those marble floors… no need to say more), someday, but that day came a few years sooner than we expected or calculated. After living here for over 3 years now, we are slowly getting around to changing it a bit and buying new stuff. Before the house we lived in a smaller place with vintage furniture. We didn’t have money to buy what we really wanted. I loved them and it hurts to see those things go, but I love how it is starting to look now.

I find your accomplishments so inspiring. How do you balance being a mother, blogging, and your new venture Mono Mini with @sjokelade

-First of all, I am not too proud to say that I have cleaning lady. I am NOT a perfect housewive. I love that woman, truly.
As a teacher I have shorter workdays than most women. So when I come home after work I start making dinner while the kids play a bit. When my husband comes home we eat dinner. He helps out a lot too, he gives the kids a bath when I clean up after dinner or we do it the other way around. After bath we clean up the toys together so when the kids are in bed at 7 pm we can have the night to ourselves. I work a bit for school and afterwards I blog and go through the emails or we just have friends over and do nothing but talk.
I even had some time to work on a new project with the famous instagram twins (@kowaleen and @meschichis). They have become good friends and I can’t wait to share what we are upto with all of you.
Oh and I don’t need much sleep, which helps too, of course.

Ah, I love them! Cannot wait to see what you ladies have in store for us! Okay, lastly, tell us 3 things you can't live without. 

-The obvious answer is of course, my man and two kids. Apart from them I need my parents, sister and friends to survive in this crazy world. Oh, and my Iphone :)

Thanks so much, Isabel! I love learning more about the women we've become obsessed with through that great thing called Instagram. Look forward to this thread every Monday as your #mondaymommoment. And don't forget to follow Isabel and all her creative ventures as a mom, wife, and designer. 

MamaJulesJeanne | Instagram | MonoMiniPrints 

All White Casualness


Fringe of the Cro | All white outfits with little details
Fringe of the Cro | Stylish parents and their stylish kids
H&M Pocket Square (Similar at Topman

We spent our first anniversary weekend having brunch & shopping around. Nothing exciting, but we are hardly traditional. I opted for a uber relaxed outfit after a week full of marbled skirts & leather trousers. The men's pocket square & masculine boot give my white ambience a different edge than my usual black uniform. That neck hanky vibe is something I adopted from Rev & now can't get enough. Topman has great pocket square selections for super low prices if you want to give it a go. And check out the minimal white outfit options below with your masculine boot and pocket square touches as well.

AW14 Backpack Trend Round Up


Fringe of the Cro | AW14 Backpack Trend

AW14's biggest accessory must have: the leather backpack. I've been planning to DIY a backpack for years, but there the scraps still lay. After a mad hunt for Revel's daycare bag, I dove into a bag hunt for work. Asos & Topshop are an obvious stop to find an affordable but stylish bag. The nude roll leather bag is by Chloe, a dream. The structured white leather backpack is by Grafea. The black pony haired backpack is from Topshop. The Bambi-print hair on backpack is by Jerome Dreyfuss. And lastly, the suede zipper front backpack is from Topshop, as well. These are just some favs and you can find more backpack options below & up top in the Fringe of the Cro Shop. What AW14 Trend are you all crazy about?


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