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Fringe of the Cro | Monday Muse Elsa Kawai
Fringe of the Cro | Monday Muse Thread featuring influential Instgrammers
Fringe of the Cro | Who to Follow on Instagram in Monday Muse Thread
Fringe of the Cro | Minimalistic Instagram Accounts
Fringe of the Cro | Stylish Instagram Accounts to Follow on Monday Muse Thread

Today's Monday Muse is +Elsa Kawai otherwise known as @elsakawai on Instagram and This is easily one of the Instagram accounts I get full on lost in. I love her style, her aesthetic, & just want to be best friends with the chick. Elsa took the time to tell me about herself, which will just lead you to more obsession. Read along below: 

Hello Elsa! I am so excited to share your great eye for minimalism with my readers. Your photos speak mountains. Just in case anyone isn't familiar, can you tell us about yourself? 

My name is Elsa Kawai. I was born and raised in Malaysia, but currently living in San Francisco. Lover of interior design, interaction design , EGGS and photography :) Growing up I never took any photos ... and I try to make up for that now. When I moved to the US, I was looking for a hobby. I tried out almost everything ... sewing, jewelry making, designing toys, and photography. It has been the one that's stuck and I have enjoyed it the most. I take pictures to help capture memories and categorize things. It's my way of remembering ... my journal. 

I always wonder what goes on behind Instagram's most beautiful feeds. Describe your average day.
I start off listening to some of my favorite soundcloud mixes in a nice warm shower. I am fortunate enough to have a husband that makes me breakfast each morning ... something usually involving eggs. I spend some time thinking through my instagram and surfing through pictures for inspiration and also editing inspiration photo to share on the blog... thinking what would I like to share with everyone today? Then I check in to work. I split time working from home and in the office as a creative director at I usually eat dinner at home with my husband combined with an evening walk or a cartoon on the couch. 

Well what we are all wondering is where to get all of your minimalistic finds. Do you have any favorite designers or stores? 

I love ASOS, The Outnet, Net-a-poter, SSense, and Solestruck for shoes. My recent fav designer is Kowtow clothing. I love the material they use and patterns they have to offer :) Also ideally like Alexander Wang, Proenza Shoulder, Kenzo, and Acne Studio. I also designed this app at one my previous jobs, Shopstyle. It lets you set sale alerts on specific items across all brands. Then it just notifies you when they happen ... :) It comes in handy ... hehe 

I LOVE Kowtow & find them via
What inspires your styling process? 
Recently in the past year or two, I decided to simplify my closet. I've been only wearing black, white, and natural tones ... no colors since then. It has made me have to shift my focus when styling. Textures and patterns inspire me most. They add so much detail and depth to things. The photos I connect with the most ... they have a story they tell me. The things that inspire us the most always tell a story. I'm also fortunate to dream every night ... thats why I go to bed so early ... ;)

The Plaid Trouser


Fringe of the Cro | Styling Work Trousers
Fringe of the Cro | How to wear plaid trousers
Fringe of the Cro | Casual Work Style

The work trouser is one of my favorite pieces to see on all the gifted, leggy, babes of the earth. It's not always the best look on the shorter women but perfect if you find the right length, waste, etc. I don't always were heels, but with trousers they're a must. Styling wise, I find trousers pretty endless. Another look to try is full on suit. So many options to find your perfect fit/print of trouser at the Asos Work Pant section.

Monday Mom Moment | Canadian Muse Dani Valentine


Fringe of the Cro | Dani Valentine @danivalentine feature as our fashionable mom moment

Today's Monday Mom Moment is all about Dani Valentine, otherwise known as @_danivalentine through Instagram. You also may know her from her fantastic modern interior design blog, Common Dekor. Hey Dani, tell us about yourself and your little family. What does your average day look like? 

Well our average day has changed now that my husband has moved to another province for work. He is back every 10 days for a long weekend then off he goes again! I have been jam packing our days with activities and park dates with friends so the days go quicker for myself and Freddy. Freddy has school from 12-3 and has been going most of the summer even! It's great for me so I can get to the gym daily and have a bit of me time while my husband works away. After school we go to our favourite park by the lake and kill time before figuring out what to cook, order or throw together for dinner! 

I'm just going to jump in and ask what we are all curious about. You're blog, Common Dekor, is all about minimal home styling. Tell us about the inspirations you find to create such a put together home. (We've all been drooling over you Instagram feed.) 

My blog Common Dekor has been lacking lately as summer has kept me busy. I've always been into home design and simple interiors since I was quite young. As a teen and coming into an adult I always wondered why people built homes they way they did. Why didn't we use the same space saving design techniques our European neighbours used? Why are garages ALWAYS the first thing and largest space we see when viewing a home? I love the simplicity and utter usefulness a say, Scandinavian home offers. A place for everything and everything in its place so to say, with thought for clean lines and modern use. As long as we don't hoard useless items and create a calming liveable environment I am happy in my space. Whichever design taste you have it doesn't matter as long as it works for you and your family. 

You've obviously mastered the art of being a mom and still remained fashionable. Did Freddy change any of your styling habits? 

I had Freddy when I was 25 and still feel I was very young so my style has evolved slightly since then . I have always been drawn to French women but with a rougher aesthetic ! Ripped black jeans and a silk blouse are my go to's lately. 

Well lastly, besides Common Dekor and @_danivalentine on Instagram, how else do you express your creativity? You always seem to be full of knowledge. I think we need a wine date :) 

Creatively speaking I love the thought of our next home. We have been planning a move back into the heart of Vancouver for a while now and fingers crossed by end of winter this will happen. I am dreaming of creating a new space for us with a new (vintage danish ) black leather couch , plenty of light and a bohemian back yard space. Other than tending to all Freddy's needs I am either at the gym or in bed reading a new book with a glass of vino next to me.

I always look forward to your updates and home inspiration. Thanks so much for sharing a little bit about yourself with us. If you love minimalistic homes & casual mom - babe styling, follow Dani on Instagram and Common Dekor. 

Dressing Up Your Boyfriend Jeans


Fringe of the Cro | Modernizing Vintage Blazers
Fringe of the Cro | Fashion Hair Trend The Low half bun
Fringe of the Cro | Dressing up boyfriend jeans
Fringe of the Cro | Blazer take on the 90s trend
Fringe of the Cro | Blazer Tied Waste

T by Alexander Wang White Tee  (Similar)
Vintage Tapestry Blazer (Similar)
Nude Cape Heels (Similar)

Denim wear at work. It's a look that can be achieved a few different ways. My personal fav is just throwing on some heels and a blazer. Going for a different hair look is also something to consider. You don't want to much weight all in one area. My insanely long hair on top of a big blazer is both uncomfortable by look and feel. Get brave and take a note from the runway's nonchalant half buns. Its as easy as it looks.

Fall Sale Monochrome Shopping Guide


Fringe of the Cro | Fall Sale Shopping Guide for a Monochrome Wardrobe

Here you will find a few of my favorite sale finds, where I can hopefully save you a few hours fiddling through the mess. All great wardrobe staples to last through the seasons.

1. Asos White Textured Midi Skirt
2. Asos Check Knit Tee
3. Rag & Bone Skinny Stretch Jeans in Surrey
4. Over the Knee Leather Boot
5. Rebecca Minkoff Sky Sandal
6. Kippy Pump
7. Helmut Lang Split Back Tank
8. Rag & Bone Stripe Cotton Tee
9. Alice & Olivia Leather Trim Silk Dress

Work Wear On Edge


Fringe of the Cro | Edgy Style for the Office
Fringe of the Cro | Leopard for Fall
Fringe of the Cro | Rocker Outifts for Work
Fringe of the Cro | Fashionable Work Wear

Since starting a professional job, my constant quest is finding ways of incorporating my style into the business realm. Grab your basic casual pieces you can't let go with, and pair with ONE business piece. Here I chose the an Asos Pencil Skirt in Mono Abstract. The length is modest but doesn't sacrifice the voice of the outfit at all. There is nothing greater than an edgy woman in power. (Insert Kate Lanphear moment.)

Monday Muse | Tres Monikh


[Monday Muse is one of Fringe of the Cro's new feature theme. The muse I would like to share with you all is Monikh from Tres Monikh. Found this gem via Topshop's Personal Styling section and have been stalking ever since.]


So with the sudden change of weather its given me the excuse to bring out the layers and I'm so happy! I'm a complete winter dresser, layering different textures, lots of leather and of course lots of black. 

This is something that I wore to work this week (I'm a Personal Shopper at Topshop - London). After what seemed like a year long search for the perfect knee high boots I've finally found them! This was the second day of wearing them and they are so comfortable! The perfect high but not ridiculous heel, the leather is thick and they fit tightish to the leg (will be great that I can still wear jeans tucked in or super thick socks in the Winter) I will probably be wearing these almost everyday now! 

I'm the happiest and feel at my best when I'm in oversized clothing, but with my size I know I have to be careful, I love playing with length's and know that I need to keep things short with this style, especially because of the boots! The jumper's from Zara, super oversized but still streamline at the back, its Italian yarn (so soft) and also comes in khaki which I will be purchasing very soon! I wore this jumper recently on a night out in Paris with my navy silk skirt and black mules and felt extremely simple and chic.  

Underneath is the Topshop Boutique camo silk dress, (its below knee length so I've belted it to shorten.)
I wear a lot of black and white and find that khaki is a great way for me to brake it up. This outfit also has a great mixture of materials which is something else that I am big on because I am such a minimal dresser. 


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