Fall Necessities


Combining your summer and winter essentials to create the perfect fall necessities. 

Playtype x The Poster Club


We're always on the search for the right dark pieces to add to our collection. The FAUX collection by Playtype brings both marble, a dark contrast, and a sizable attraction. The Poster Club has become our ultimate print destination for Playtype and much more. (We have our eye on Kristina Krogh)

Pink Midi x Miss Guided


Fringe of the Cro | Pink outfit paired with brown accents
Fringe of the Cro | Pastel themed outfit for fall with alexander wang brief case and phillip lim loafers and miss guided midi skirt
Fringe of the Cro | Pairing brown with pink outfit inspirationFringe of the Cro | Brown belted Miss guided pink midi skirt paired with phillip lim loafers

Fringe of the Cro | Brown belted Miss guided pink midi skirt paired with phillip lim loafers

Gift Guide for 2 Year Old Boys


Toddler Boys black and white gift guide_edited-1

Revel's birthday guide, because shopping for toddlers is hard, and shopping with picky moms is even harder. Links are as follows:

1. Gap Boy's Mixed Media Moto Jacket 
2. Panda Squared Tee (We love Pandas)
3. Adidas Originals in Running White/Black
4. Zara Faded Trousers in size 12-18M
5. Kiko Cars in White Stripe & Black
6. Karl Lagerfield Kokeshi Doll 
7.  Prjona Plym Not All Who Wander Are Lost Knitted Pom Pom Hat
8. Black & White Cubebot Men

ACL Festival Fashion Round 2


Fringe of the Cro | 2014 Festival Fashion
Fringe of the Cro | Fashion at ACL fest
Fringe of the Cro | How to dress for festivals
Fringe of the Cro | Festival fashion for men and women

Fringe of the Cro | Edgy Bohemian style for festivals

Austin City Limits 2014. Yes, we even posed for a Jared Letto photo. Who I am in the mix, just not sure. The real fun is dressing for these events though. In my case, at least. We missed St. Vincent, which we had amped up in our minds for far too long. Outkast & Lana may have saved the disappointment, though. Maybe we've just out grown ACL and need to venture to Coachella next year.

Monday Mom Moment | Sarah Shabacon of I Wear the Headress


Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 2.49.44 PM
Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 2.47.04 PM
Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 2.48.21 PM
Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 2.43.48 PM

Pregnancy isn't always beautiful. Lets be real. But those cases where they give everyone baby fever is irresistible. My friend Sarah, owner of I Wear the Headress & Instagram mommy obsession, is one of those belly-babes. Hello #mondaymommoment. 

Hello my beautiful friend, Sarah. For those readers who aren't familiar with you, introduce yourself & fam. 

Hi guys! I'm Sarah Shabacon (22) and I live in Vancouver, Canada with my husband Ryan(27) son Isaac (18 months) and am currently cooking up another sweet baby due in February. 

Well most people know you from I Wear the Headress. Tell us how that venture began & just exactly what it took for you to act on your dreams. 

IWTHD started out as a total fluke - I made a headwrap, posted a photograph online and then requests came piling to recreate it. I made an Etsy account, photographed a friend in a few different pieces and figured it would be a fun thing to do while on maternity leave, maybe I would get a few orders every month or so. I couldn't have been further away from what was in store! I've been in business for a little over a year now and have sold over 3000 pieces to women (and awesome husbands) across the globe and currently have eight stockists throughout North America and Europe. I, much like every other mother, wanted to stay home with my baby, and that's been the biggest drive for me besides the fact that I love design and fashion. This is the happiest I've ever been !

As a future mom of 2, does your wardrobe vary in terms of pre-motherhood, pregnancy, post-motherhood? Has a Sarah uniform cultivated? 

The Sarah uniform is a real thing. I didn't realize it until I read this question but nine times out of ten I'll throw on a pair of black leggings from Aritzia with an oversized tee from Zara and my Isabel Marant Dicker Boots. I dress for comfort because I've tried chasing my son in heels and it just didn't work for me. I only wear pieces that are well designed and prefer to spend a little bit more and have fewer pieces but higher quality pieces in my watdrobe.

I can confess my obsession, along with all the other Insta-moms out there. Your gap is so Georgia May Jagger. Have you always been so proud of it? (I hope so!) 

Haha! Growing up I never noticed my gap until I hit high school -and then I begged my mum to let me get it filled in. She had one as well and regretted having hers filled, so she pulled out a magazine with Lauren Hutton on the cover and in the past few years I've realized that thanks to Lauren, Lara Stone and Georgia May Jagger, gaps are the new Cindy Crawford mole! It's something unique that I'm proud of now ! 

Okay, I very rarely am impressed by weddings. I have a picky eye. Your special day was just amazing. Tell us about marrying after child. (Us too, girl!)

Thank you!  We married on the beach in Tulum and had little to no decor so the focus was on the natural beauty of the ocean and palms. Marrying after having Isaac made the day so special, he walked down the beach holding both his grandmas hands smiling away and during the ceremony he stood off to the side of us with his little linen tunic and pants blowing in the wind trying to catch the palm leaves that were blowing in front of him. That is one of my most cherished memories. 

Okay lastly, you've maintained your beauty, your body, your style. If you could tell future mothers anything in terms of only their selves, what would it be? 

Remember to set time aside for yourself ! I found it very hard to do this for the first few months and felt instantly better once I did. I did a little shopping, got my hair done and started a nightly routine where I could relax and enjoy the time to myself. My husband and son both picked up on the fact that I was in a better mood once I started giving myself some love as well. We all deserve it!

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Edgy Festival Fashion at ACL 2014


Fringe of the Cro at ACL festival fashion
Fringe of the Cro Festival Style Outfit Ideas for girl and guy
Fringe of the Cro Edgy Style Inspo for festivals
Fringe of the Cro | Men's fashion inspiriation for festivals
Fringe of the Cro | Festival Style Inpso
Fringe of the Cro | New style inspirations for men and women at festivals

Festival fashion has gotten so repetitive. We really wanted to create an edgy take on the traditional bohemian theme this year at ACL. I immediately decided to incorporate black leather into our looks paired with a strong neutral tone. This knit dress flirts with the idea of being bohemian/earthy, so contrasted against the leather, it becomes the ideal combination. Converging two visuals is usually a task of jumping store to store, which is why I love Free People for festival season. This entire look consists of Free People pieces. Check out more Free People dresses, Jeffrey Campbell Boots, & Free People leather accessories to edge up your festival style. xx

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