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Fringe of the Cro | Marble Print Shirt via Hello Parry
Fringe of the Cro | Marble print top from Hellow Parry_edited-1Fringe of the Cro | How to layer slip dress
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Zara Slip Dress
Elizabeth & James Boots

Bugaboo Stroller

H&M Men's Tshirt
Urban Outfitters Slim Levis
Asos Boots

Balancing masculine with my feminine, nothing new. Since I was told I look French today, I plan on following the recipe for the entirety of my life. I even balance my minimal with texture / rocker with boho… With my Janis merge Jimi theme, you'd have to expect it to fall onto my child, too. 

This Sunday we hit up Bishop Arts, are favorite spot and we always leave in such good moods. I threw on a marble top via Hello Parry (seriously great finds here) over a slip dress and men's boots. Some Janis, some Jimi. 

Our most recent clothing obsession in the small department is Knox and Lola, hence this serious mohawk shirt, which clearly needed to be toned down with an earthy vibe. The modern take on moccasins is from no other than Minimocks. Dyed with vegetables? Yes. I refer to them as his modern Peter Pan shoes. The two are frequents in our must wear piles & just so much love for the both. Constantly inspired by their unique designs on opposite sides of the world. Knox and Lola is out of CA, emphasizing the skater soul Rev gets from Ryan… Minimocks is out of Germany but totally illustrating the Scandi-design all of us moms can't get over. Get inspired here: @knoxandlola @minimockspetra

Modern White Uniform


Fringe of the Cro | All white outfit, modern dressing
Fringe of the CRO | Modern White Fashion Uniform
Fringe of the Cro | All White Outfit in One Teaspoon
Fringe of the CRO | White Outfit for Summer and Spring

I always have the desire to cut my hair. It's a pain. But I'm too aware of the entire world ending at the end of sheers. (Not to mention having matching hair with my husband makes us appear even more sibling-esk. Creepy.) So here is my age old trick. The hair tuck. Under gobs of white of different textures.

Father's Day Gift Guide


Fringe of the Cro | Father's Day Gift Guide 2014
My biggest conflict with shopping is for men & especially my dad. What do you get a modern day Quigley Down Under? Tip, make a list of things they love & hunt for unique versions to assist. My parents just got a camper, and need cool camping gear, hence the cast iron skillet, apron, & moscow mule mugs. And all three could easily be appreciated by Ryan. Done. Shop these items below:

1. Mr Porter Paper Back 
2. Aesop Grooming Kit
3. Giles & Brothers Bracelet & Moorea Seal Bracelet 
4. Frying Skillet With Lid
5. Moscow Mule Mugs
6. Ekstedt Apron by Sandqvist
7. Head & the Heart Album, Rolling Stones Album 

JFairchild Photography Launch & Interview



Meet Jen of JFairchild Photography, out of Utah. You may know this gem from shooting our engagements & entire wedding; I know her as an insanely talented women I adore & the eye behind so many works of art. I found Jen through Instagram. It was completely random and within a few minutes of browsing her work, I was emailing her. The vibe must have been mutual because she was flying Utah - Texas, soon after. Our entire experience with this lady was beautiful & so very valued. Once hearing of her committing herself fully to photography & officially launching JFAIRCHILD PHOTOGRAPHY, I had to pick her mind & share her craft with my world. Follow our little convo below and get a taste of all her sick work & jump to the bottom for a special discount.

Hi Jen! So we all know you are a photographer but where did this passion start?

——I’ve always been obsessed with photographs, it’s an art that really resonates with me.  I remember looking through tubs upon tubs of old photos of us and my mom and dad when I was young and just reveling in the rich memories.  I recall doing one ‘photoshoot’ when I was 11 or 12 with my sisters, but when I couldn’t make the photos look like what I saw in my head I canned it and gave up.  It wasn’t until I was 20, on a boring drive home that I started thinking about a friend I knew that had recently gotten into photography.  I thought ‘if they can do it, I can do it!’.  I got a sudden tingly whoosh of inspiration, went right then and bought a camera and came home and had a mini melt down because of the cash I had just spent on something I really knew nothing about.  But when I headed out the next day to to give it another shot at a shoot with my sister, that was it.  I was hooked.


There is something really unique that comes from your photos. Very earthy & warm... How would you describe your photography style?

----Thank you.  I generally aim for truth and mood in my photos, but as far as my ‘style’ goes, I think mood barometer would be the most accurate adjective.  Over the years I’ve realized that photography has become an outlet for all sorts of different things for me.  Sometimes it reflects my mood, sometimes it reflects the rapport that I’ve created with an individual,  and (only recently) have I really been able to create the visions I see in my head (high five to me).  So I don’t know if I can say that there is one word to describe my style, but I will say that it constantly surprises me to see what ‘happened’ during the photoshoot.  I say that because in the heat of it all, I can truly say that I’m 100% living in the moment.  Guided purely by intuition with no time to think logically, I feel like I am just, completely, on.  And then I come up to the surface and back to reality, and I'm left with these images that I created that have become, in a sense, a perspective for me.  Like I’m able to really see exactly what that moment was and now they’re out and about in the world.  


All of your work has a voice, it's really something special. What is the formula behind your craft? Set, subject, styling? 

——For fashion photography, where I control almost every aspect of the shoot, everything as far as the set and styling started very organically with just me and the model, on location with me doing the styling.  Then as I started collaborating more and doing published work it evolved into more of a production with a stylist, hair and makeup artist and assistants all on set.  But my shoots as of late have scaled back again to just me and the model on set, and it has become my preferred way of shooting.  As for my ‘formula’, it all really starts with a face.  Once I find the model I kind of let my imagination go from there to create the concept and look of the shoot, at which point I’m able to get a stylist and H&M on board.  I never know how long a concept is going to take to present itself to me, in the past it’s been anywhere from a few days to a few months, but I’ve learned not to force it, and in that way, I’m really able to let it’s voice be heard.  The hard part comes from trying to translate the abstract to the concrete. 

----For lifestyle photography, where I control almost nothing, the narrative of the shoot is the most important part for me.  At the Q&A for a documentary film that I saw at the Sundance Film Festival a few years ago, someone asked the director where the direction for the story came from and what their formula was for their film.  The directors answer was something along the lines of ‘We started with the idea and after accruing over 30 hours of footage, it wasn’t so much about our direction as it was about us finding the story.’  And I’ve found the same to be true for me.  I’ll come home after shooting a family at their home with a pit of dread in my stomach, thinking that I didn’t get any good shots and that it’s not going to work out, but the next day when I look through all of the photos, I find that there is indeed a story hidden in there, I just had to find it and give it a voice.  

You really have a pretty wide range of photo subjects... What has been your favorite thing/person to shoot? 

——I’m a sucker for unique faces and shamelessness so anyone possessing that combination is my cup of tea.


Any must haves you require on set?

----Music.  Even if on certain shoots I don’t end up putting it on, when I do use it it really helps to get everyone in the mood.

There are so many "photographers" today. How do you differentiate yourself from all the whimsical ones?  

——Ha - I used to really get inside my head about this. Not even just about other photographers, about basically everything, just thinking and constantly questioning what made me and my photography different, and I came to realize, it’s because it's me.  I think in this day and age with social media and our  constant sharing, it can become easy to slip into the mindset of comparing your work and/or life to others, which I’ve learned leads to a way of thinking that can quickly become a black hole of despair.  And let’s be honest, this is extremely depressing.  So one night, in a blissful moment of clarity, I thought to myself ‘If I didn’t create this, it wouldn’t exist.’  I’m glad to say that that’s pretty much been my mindset ever since.  Just knowing that by being my full and complete self, I already set myself apart, because no matter how cliche, there’s no one else in the world like me.   


Photography is such an art and on top, you seem to really need an entrepreneurial mind. What is the hardest part of being a photographer? 

——That it is art.  Ask any artist and they’ll tell you about the love/hate relationship they have with their craft.  I’ve gotten better at weathering the frustrations, realizing that the elation I feel for what I create is going to be extremely short lived before it dies.  And in learning that even though I’m left with distaste because ‘I could’ve done better’ I keep moving forward and progressing.  It is the worst and best part because it’s also what drives me and keeps me motivated.  As for the entrepreneurial aspect, the hardest (but most satisfying) part has been the learning curve of having to learn as much of the in’s and out’s of running a business as I can without really having any prior business experience.  I’ve had so many great people willing to help me out along the way though so I can’t take all the credit, but I can say that I am excited beyond words to be my own boss.  


I see such great things for you. Do you have any specific goals with your photography?

—Well, after 7 years of not being sure if I wanted photography to be my profession or not, I’m glad to say I’m achieving one goal right now by launching my business.  I’d like to do more freelance work, commercial or editorial.  And video. I’ve made a few videos along the way but haven’t since I’ve gotten new equipment so that’s always on my mind as well as other ideas that I’ll be bringing into play where that’s concerned.  I feel like I’m constantly coming up with ideas so I’m really pumped to see where this all goes. 


Any favorite photographers or influencers of your own? 

----Cass Bird is really one of my absolute favorites.  Her photos really speak to me.

Myself as an example, you are obviously open to traveling. What is your ideal destination shoot? 

——Yes!  And that was such a great experience I fear that I’ll be comparing all future travel to Texas, ha ha.  But really, I’d like to go anywhere that I haven’t been before.  Traveling is such a soul cleanser for me, with all of the perspective I gain from it I find that ideas are more apt to flow freely and I love the sense of clarity I seem to get when I’m abroad.  I’m really hoping to attract clients from all over the world so cross your fingers for me!


I actually have a photo shoot coming up. Any personal advice to prep to be camera ready?

----Lotion!  You’d me surprised how many people I have to tell to moisturize their bodies and faces, especially lips.  Nothing is more distracting and harder to fix than dry flaky skin. 

Ryan and I both felt so close to you after our shoot. How important is the photographer to client relationship?

——Probably the most important part.  Besides the fact that in general life I really like to get to know people, as a photographer, I find that being personable is crucial.  It builds trust and helps the subjects to loosen up and feel more comfortable in front of the camera, allowing for that raw truth and vulnerability that is our glorious human characteristic to shine through.  

I can definitely say we came out of that first shoot with a friend and after the wedding, you felt like a sister. I can't wait to see where you go with your craft. 

——To say the feeling is mutual is an understatement, but I’m glad it was in the cards for us to meet.  Thanks so much Kaitlyn!  xoxo

To seal off, I highly recommend you watch this behind the scenes look at just how beautifully Jen works. This video sold me & I still enjoy watching it, & almost feel reunited to my sweet, gorgeous, talented friend. We're so proud of you, Jen. 

JFairchild Photography is officially launching today with a special discount for you guys! Anyone that books a shoot (regardless of the shoot date) between June 1st and June 30th will receive 15% OFF any package with the promo code: DLJS "Don't Let Jen Starve!" 

Minimalistic Midi & Slides


Fringe of the CRO | Black and white minimal outfit
Minimal pairings on repeat, because slides & midi skirts are too too easy to take off. And leather tanks, don't get me started. If you find me out of black and white outfits this season, document it. 
Fringe of the CRO | French Braid Look
Fringe of the CRO | Minimalistic white overcoat
Fringe of the CRO | Gold Minimalistic Jewelry
Fringe of the CRO | Minimalistic outfit featuring midi skirt
Zara Leather Tank
American Apparel Midi Skirt
Zara Slides 
Vintage White Coat 
Asos Stack Rings
Mooreseal Rings 
Elizabeth and James Sunglasses 

Minimal Culottes


culottes come back on modern take on fashion

The culotte trend is my favorite spring indulgence & so so easily transformed from business to casual. This Oliandra Black Quilted Snake Skin Sweatshirt crop is such a statement with that texture, no matter the shoe, it's a win against these Leslana Cream Tailored Cropped Trousers. Thanks MissGuided for continuously providing a girl with minimal wardrobe basics!

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shopping guide fashion blog
dressing up this seasons slides-birkenstocks
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House of Harlow Sunglasses  (Similar) 
Zara Slides

Marble Top x Miss Guided


long hair bloggers with modern minimal style fringe of the cro

Marble printed tops have been the highest on my search list and possibly even a repeat item.  The fit of this MissGuided Ashlyn Boxy Top in Marble is pretty spot on & so light weight. Easily a basic to wear so many different ways. Just can't get enough of Miss Guided's selection right now. xx

leather midi pencil skirt modern fashion blog
missguided modern fashion on fringe of the cro
sneaker trend - leather quilted sneakers from h&m fringe of the cro
marble shirt and quilted slip ons
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modern minimalistc marble tshirt


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