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My shopping is usually a real simple formula. I'm a list maker. Mark off my items one by one... I've had a nude-ish skirt sitting there for awhile. I grabbed this Topshop cinch number in Vegas on a whim and ignored that it was a size too big. I may have to triple cinch it, but it is maybe my favorite bottom of the moment. (Not to mention it was on sale!) It's best highlight is with a crop top. I love the silheoutte of these, but hate them on myself. It must be the site-models persuasion, because I own quite a few. If you are a mom and not always a fan of baring your tum, here is my cheat: By a few sizes too big and it only affects the length. This brilliantly cut striped-crop is from Missguided. It's adjustable straps help with length dilemmas too. 

You can lastly notice my accessories. Eeeeppp, so proud of my finely structured Opening Ceremony hands bag (The Lele Bag). The number of pockets in this thing is a direct answer to my every need. I'm currently stacking Kadletz Collection rings and talon earrings, along side. They're quite dynamic and versatile. A simple turn of the double pincher rings and midi pincher rings and you have an entire new minimal look. A double use of an investment and I'm pretty sold. xx

grid layers


This silhouette is all I can think about lately. It's repeated with my various pencil skirts & oversized sweaters, as often as my shaved legs allow. Shop the formula below:

Weekend Casual


Weekend uniform. Essential to a casual vibe has lately been a light navy trench, here from Asos, paired with a nice baggy boyfriend. Current Elliot really does this silhouette so well. (I interchange cuff rolling with every few outfits.) For any weekend or day, I'm usually in a stylized sneakers, btw. After stalking the Stella McCartney platforms for a good year, Topshop came through for me. & My last touch has most recently been a massive, blanket-quality, scarf. The wrapping here varies, cue the The Row for inspo.

Find some weekend worthy items below! xx

Monday Mom Moment: Leia Sfez of Diapers and Milk


I'm endlessly grateful to Instagram's friendship offering. Since finding the wonder app, I've found like-minded spirit animals across the world. The companionship is something I've never found in close waters and the pool seems endless. If you are an insta-addict yourself, search no more for French bombshell inspo. The feed, the mind, the lifestyle. I want it all. Leia Sfez has it all, including a booming business under her belt, Diapers and Milk. A complete reflection of the minimal-parisian lifestyle she exudes. I feel like I know the woman and here is your chance to do the same:


Leia, we're all so coveting your mom bod. You are the epitome of a French woman. Describe your style: Thanks for the compliment! I make sure to stay pretty basic, just to be able to mix with anything. I would not say that I have a classic style, I like quite extravagant pieces that I can settle down with wisest clothing. What I like above all is to mix the material textures. Anyway, my style can be summed up in one word: basic.

And how has having a child effected your that? 
Before India, I might venture much more rock'n'roll pieces, you could not miss me in the street. What has changed is not my sense of style, actually it's more that I became less focused on myself. So I became more discreet by the clothes I wore.

Well India in mind, describe you average day. Beginning to end: Wow. I get up at 7:30, 9 o'clock I take my daughter to the nursery, 9:30 I'm back to the office, and between mails to answer, media, Skype, phone and outdoors meetings, the controls of the details of my new production, the graphic design, social networks, paperwork... Well, my days are filled and end mostly to 11pm. I almost run the entirety of my business. I have some freelancers who are working for me but I confess, to expand the team would be great.

Starting a children's brand seems so common now, but Diapers and Milk has managed to truly stand out. Were you always so entrepreneurial? I had the idea of creating this brand for fun. I have been passionate about fashion for years. When my daughter was born, I had the sudden desire to create something different. I could not find her nice leggings so I started to make some unique pieces for her.My entourage loved and people stopped me in the street to ask where I got them. At that time, my husband pushed me to sell my creations. He did well! 
We have created a simple and cool universe around the brand, and D&M is now sold worldwide.
The first day, we received 21 orders. The second 34, and it has not stopped growing. So I hired a seamstress full time. After thousands of handmade leggings, she could not keep up and we made the decision to work with a factory in Portugal to meet demand. That's a lot of stress and work, but honestly, I am very happy with the magnitude that has become this story and I owe everything to those who follow us and make it work.
Thats incredible! & I love reading your sweet write ups on Leiasfez.com, too. (That whole back-story.) Is it exhausting to run a business, blog, Instagram, and most importantly, parent? Yes. There is much to do and sometimes it's pretty hard to manage everything. BUT I love it. I love having new ideas, meet new people and see it all grow.Any time I have off, I spend it with my husband and my daughter. I work a lot, but I think that the important thing is not how much time we spend with our child, but it is the quality of the time that we spend with them.

I think that is super inspirational. I love strong women that go for it. Any advice to women starting businesses? Never stop creating, always think in terms of future and be faithful to your goals. Easy to say, not so easy to do. But the game worth it.

Thanks Leia!! What a mother you are! xx  Follow Leia:

Sheling & Snakeskin X Missguided


A sherling jacket was atop the holiday list this year. Styles like the infamous Acne pieces seem to only appear at every colding-delimna and coming across a mostly identical style and for a fraction of the price… Seems like the perfect holiday find.

Missguided is a go-to for affordability without sacrificing the statement you were after. Since I am usually chasing the newness factor, as well, footwear would be another of my highest priorities. A good masculine foot to echo the masculine neck was in need. Since brogues seemed to find a home across all my Pinterest endeavors, it only seemed natural to indulge in this heavy snakeskin number. Warn across any neutral and the entire outfit becomes an androgynous collective. For the masculine-ist statement, I wore the unfeminized bun & the man's sunglasses. Voila, the man formula.

Grid & Crop x Missguided


Fringe of the Cro | Missguided Grid Blazer
Fringe of the Cro | Oversized grid blazer
Fringe of the Cro | Missguided  cutout top and skirt
Fringe of the Cro | Missguided Crop Top Cut
Fringe of the Cro | Middriff Baring Work Wear
Fringe of the Cro | Black adn White Work Outfit

Holidays call for transformable pieces from day to night. Like a ton of women, we don't have the freedom of switching ensembles when going from work - cocktail. I found these complementing pieces via Miss Guided. An oversized blazer by day, a modest torso crop by night. 

Fall Necessities


Combining your summer and winter essentials to create the perfect fall necessities. 


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